ANTHYAS is a travel facilitator, here to make life easier for groups of travelers and for those organizing the operation.

⸺ Simplify

Requests for assistance, management, modifications and follow-up are carried out using exclusive Anthyas software with secure access, made available to you free of charge.

⸺ Welcome

Hand over tickets, countermarks, travel books, passports, visas, bags. Issue boarding passes on BLS with affinity check.

⸺ Assist

Quickly trigger the appropriate measures in the event of an incident: delays, breakdowns, overbooked flights, name errors, etc.

⸺ Secure

24-hour hotline, in contact with the customer or his agency.

⸺ Control

Execution of specific flight requests, pax list, seat block, grouping by affinity, predefined check-in, pre and post routing checks, special meals.

⸺ Inform

Transmit in real time the information necessary for the smooth running of the trip, before, during and after take-off, in liaison with the airlines and the agencies.

⸺ Formalize

Transmission of a flight report after takeoff, including all important information and compliance with specific requests for assistance, directly into our software.

Since 2016, Anthyas has been present at 194 airports across nearly 70 countries.